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Mateo Adventures specializes in curating and orchestrating exceptional small-group birding excursions across Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. Our expertly guided tours are led by passionate and seasoned professional bird guides, ensuring the pinnacle of birding experiences. We offer a comprehensive array of small-group birdwatching journeys, ranging from well-known to lesser-explored destinations. Our options encompass targeted birding quests, leisurely birdwatching escapades, captivating bird photography endeavors, and immersive encounters with the natural world.

As a nature-focused tour operator, our commitment is rooted in delivering top-tier small-group birdwatching and wildlife safaris across these East African gems. We prioritize intimacy by accommodating small groups or individual adventurers, dedicating ample time to savor each avian encounter. Whether you’re embarking on your inaugural birdwatching venture or you’re a seasoned enthusiast, enthusiasm is your passport to joining our expeditions.

Our birding odysseys are characterized by a relaxed and adaptable approach, allowing generous time for photography, in-depth wildlife exploration, moments of leisure, and an appreciation of the region’s vibrant culture, history, and people. This unique blend ensures our groups not only encounter a rich variety of bird species but also absorb the essence of East Africa’s multifaceted charm.

Elevated by extraordinary birding encounters, our tours leave an indelible mark on East Africa. At Mateo Adventures, we guarantee that each journey is imbued with the wonder of the avian realm, forging connections with nature and fellow enthusiasts that endure as cherished memories.


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