Conservation Based Safaris

Conservation Based Safaris Overview

“Conservation” forms the bedrock of our safari ethos! We tirelessly craft journeys that champion wildlife preservation, biodiversity, and local communities.

Gorilla trekking emerges as a brilliant conservation support avenue! Venturing to Uganda or Rwanda for the awe of these majestic creatures and procuring gorilla permits becomes an investment in the survival of Mountain Gorillas.

Another instance of bolstering endangered species is exemplified by our Save The Rhino initiative. Engaging in thrilling activities and journeying to conservancies like Kenya’s Solio Ranch, home to splendid White & Black rhinos, showcases our commitment. This adventure is a wildlife photographer’s dream.

Our belief is firm: true conservation flourishes with community engagement and advantages bestowed upon them.

Harmonious coexistence arises when we bestow value upon conservation and creatures. Kenya’s array of conservancies—Ol Pejeta, Lewa Wildlife, Borana, Laikipia, Lake Magadi—shine as prime paradigms.

Diverse “conservation-centered experiences” await, encompassing Lion Tracking, Endangered Species Enclosure visits, Chimpanzee Behind-the-Scenes, Community Tours, and more.


Five Days Masai Mara & Olpajeta fly Safari 

You may enjoy more opulent time in the parks and being surrounded by gorgeous Kenyan scenery with the Five Days Masai Mara & Olpajeta Fly Safari.

Lewa & Masai Mara Safari

The outstanding Masai Mara National Reserve in the southwest and the outstanding Lewa Conservancy in Laikipia are both visited during the six-day Lewa & Masai Mara safari.

Mt Kenya Adventure

Two Nights You may travel to Mt. Kenya, Kenya’s tallest point, with Olpajeta Adventure. The mountain has a 5,199-meter peak.

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