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Uganda Overview

This luxuriant and lush country situated in East Africa, often referred to as “The Pearl of Africa,” presents an abundance of offerings! The snow-clad “Mountains of the Moon,” also known as the Rwenzori Mountains, as well as Lake Victoria, the largest freshwater lake on the continent and the “Origin of the Nile,” constitute the diverse landscape.

Uganda shelters an extensive array of creatures, encompassing group-dwelling chimpanzees and indigenous bird species, making it undeniably a paradise for bird enthusiasts. The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park serves as one of the last remaining habitats for endangered mountain gorillas, lending it prominence. A visit to Murchison Falls National Park is a must to witness the awe-inspiring 43-meter-tall waterfall on the River Nile. Embarking on a riverboat tour offers the opportunity to observe hippos up close and admire the mesmerizing cascade amidst colossal boulders. Uganda is celebrated for its vibrant cultural diversity, warm-hearted inhabitants, and the finest in organic tropical fruits.

The country boasts a total of ten nationally recognized parks, each distinct in character, ranging from those nestled alongside or within expansive water bodies like the mighty “NILE,” to the savannah-style landscapes of Kidepo National Park and the evergreen rainforests that harbor diverse primates, notably the renowned gorillas and chimpanzees. Kidepo Park is the exclusive habitat of cheetahs! While the forests and mountains house unique primate species, the Private Ziwa Wildlife Sanctuary is home to white rhinos.

Uganda Attractions

Entebbe Botanical Garden
Gaddafi National Mosque
Kibale National Park
Kidepo Valley National Park
Lake Mburo National Park
Mgahinga Gorilla National Park
Murchison Falls National Park
Ndere Cultural Centre
Queen Elizabeth National Park

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