Entebbe Botanical Gardens

The synopsis of Entebbe Botanical Gardens

Established in 1898, the Entebbe Botanical Gardens grace the northern shores of Lake Victoria, nestled almost directly on the equator. Situated at an altitude of 1134 metres and receiving an annual rainfall of 1623 mm, these gardens span 40.7 hectares.

Within this expanse, one encounters an assemblage of plant species hailing from tropical, sub-tropical, and temperate zones. Alongside these, numerous shrubs and other plants have naturally regenerated over the years. By 1998, the collection encompassed 309 species, with 199 indigenous to Uganda, 122 possessing recognized medicinal properties, and 110 being exotic varieties. Drawing around 40,000 annual visitors since its restoration in 1998, the gardens have become a beloved destination.

The entrance, conveniently located near the Botanical Beach Hotel, often offers sightings of colobus monkeys. Bird enthusiasts find a splendid opportunity to enrich their avian records for Uganda, or simply to augment their existing lists. Resident species include the Palm Nut Vulture and the African Grey Parrot, while the Bat Hawk frequently graces the skies over the gardens during sunset, with optimal viewing from the patio bar of the Botanical Beach Hotel. Naturally, the gardens abound with an array of captivating exotic plants and trees.

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