Gaddafi National Mosque


Renowned as the “Gaddafi Mosque,” this vibrant edifice stands as a testament to magnificent artistry, blending Arab, European, and African influences into its captivating design. Perched atop Old Kampala Hill, one of the Seven Hills of Kampala City, this colorful structure commands attention from all corners of the city, impossible to miss. Openly embracing all individuals regardless of their creeds, political affiliations, ethnic backgrounds, cultures, or nationalities, the mosque epitomizes inclusivity.

Within its grandeur, the mosque also houses the headquarters of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council, serving as the central faith-based organization for Muslims, their institutions, and associations across the nation. With an overarching responsibility to engage people at every level, this architectural marvel embodies more than aesthetics.

The mosque complex comprises an expansive prayer hall that hosts Friday prayers and Islamic festivities, accommodating a remarkable 35,000 individuals. This distinguishes it as one of East, Central, and Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest mosques. Beyond this, the complex boasts a convention hall, library, FM radio station, hospital, and a university college, among other facilities.

Upon arrival, visitors are directed to the Tourism Information Office for entry fees and guidance. Following Islamic customs, female visitors will be provided with veils. Guided tours offer an in-depth exploration, led by knowledgeable guides who introduce guests to both the exterior and interior splendors of the mosque. Stepping into the main hall, visitors can marvel at its architectural intricacies. Ascending the tower or minaret provides a breathtaking 360-degree panorama of Kampala City and its surrounding Seven Hills.

Signifying historical significance, the mosque stands on the original site where the British raised their flag, symbolizing Uganda’s establishment as a British colony.

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