Gishwati Forest National Park


Situated gracefully atop the hill summits, not far from the idyllic beaches and luxurious havens of Lake Kivu and Gisenyi, the Gishwati Forest National Park stands as a pioneering force in Rwandan conservation endeavors.

In the wake of the tumultuous refugee movements that marked the 1990s genocide, this region bore the weight of severe deforestation. The haunting remnants of this ecological upheaval are etched into the barren slopes and undulating fields that grace the landscape today.

Nonetheless, the spirit of renewal and restoration prevails. Driven by unwavering dedication, initiatives are now in motion to breathe life back into this wilderness. Ambitious plans are laid to introduce thousands of new trees by the year 2020, an earnest step towards rejuvenating the ecosystem. Amidst this resolute journey, the park’s allure remains undeniable. It boasts lush mountains and woodlands, a sanctuary where nature’s rhythm thrives. Within this enchanting tapestry, one can find the elusive L’Hoest’s monkeys and chimps, a testament to the park’s role as a refuge for Rwanda’s diverse wildlife.

As Gishwati Forest National Park writes a tale of transformation and resurgence, it beckons as a symbol of hope. Amidst the embrace of these lush hills and verdant woods, the pulse of life returns, echoing Rwanda’s commitment to safeguarding its natural treasures for generations to come.

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