Kidepo Valley National Park


Established in 1962, the park covers 1442 km2 with altitudes ranging from 914 to 270m above sea level. Situated in a semi-arid region between Uganda’s borders with Sudan and Kenya, Kidepo National Park boasts remarkable seclusion and scenic beauty. While less visited than other Ugandan parks, Kidepo is home to over 70 mammal species, 475 bird species, and two seasonal rivers, Kidepo and Narus.

Originally inhabited by Dodoth pastoralists and IK farmers, the area was designated a game reserve in 1958 by the British Colonial Government. This step aimed to safeguard wildlife and prevent further bush clearance for tsetse fly control. The reserve was later renamed Kidepo Valley National Park in 1962.

Though accessible year-round, the dry seasons (January – May and October – December) are ideal for visiting, and 4WD vehicles are recommended for navigating the occasionally challenging roads. Consult your Uganda tour operator for guidance on the best park access options.

Increasingly favored by tourists, especially those seeking Uganda wildlife safaris and cultural tours, Kidepo National Park stands as a captivating African safari destination.

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